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New Site is Up!

Hi Friends of TractorShare, we've improved our website! Your thoughts are always welcome. We really want to highlight was is going on in the field, with our current focus being the Apatun Farmers of the Yucatan Peninsula. Things have been going great, and then Tropical Storm Cristobal hit, striking a severe blow to our farmers for 8 straight days. As a result, 20 acres of papaya, 50 acres of corn, 35 acres of soybean, 10 acres of beans, 8 acres of momordica, 1 acre of habanero, and 8 acres of eggplant were lost. Tragically, 37 sheep and 2 cows also perished. 2,000 agriculture cartons were also lost. As we are supporting hundreds in our farming community, we quickly provided two emergency grants. Our farmers are working harder than ever to get things back up and running, but we need your help! We'll keep you posted on their progress, and I hope that you enjoy the new website!


Flooded fields, aftermath of Tropical Storm Cristobal

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