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Green Farming


Our farmers face many challenges - a lack of access to farm machinery, limited arable land (exacerbated by continued soil erosion and deforestation), terrain that is not favorable for farming, and an inadequate agricultural support infrastructure. TractorShare supports the growth of the agricultural infrastructure from the grassroots level, starting with farming cooperatives and rural communities.

The Power of Earth


Green Farming initiatives can actually improve productivity while sustaining the land.  We can protect topsoil by encouraging no-till farming while providing training on effective land management;  partner with farmers for the planting of harvest trees (coffee, mango, and avocado) in barren areas not considered suitable for traditional farming (cash crop trees discourage cutting because they represent several years of potential revenue to the farmer); and improve water management by maintaining and upgrading the existing irrigation infrastructure.

Three Focus Areas 


We emphasize the importance of protecting topsoil, planting trees, and effectively managing water resources.  These three areas are having an immediate and positive impact on the productivity of farmers while also protecting valuable land resources.

Leading By Example


Working with the Apatun Farming Cooperative, our farmers do not burn off fields, saving topsoil and leading to increased crop yield. They have also encouraged other local farmers to cease crop burning! Farming responsibly means increasing crop yield while respecting the environment.

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